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You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood, Human

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When Animals Attack !

Wrong nest place

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I'm afraid this is not the right place for nesting ...

Truck full of cows crashed

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All cows survived, and the truck driver too.

Tiger cub playing with a dog

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This wild boar LOVES cars

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This wild Boar make love with a VOLVO

This squirrel is a boss

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This horse doesn ‘t want anyone on his back

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This horse definitely had it in for his rider : As they were riding, weaving in and out of various obstacles, the horse headed for a tree While he just missed it, a branch knocked the rider off the horse The ...

This Hamster is running a wheel upside down

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Looks like he didn't really get the trick ;)

This hamster is drunk

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We were just walking around at the pet store getting hay for my girlfriend's rabbit when we saw a hamster trying to get his water.

This cute chipmunk stretches in the morning

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When this chipmunk wakes up he stretches a very cute way !

This Bear is Amazing

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A crew was working on a photoshoot near Manning Park, BC, when a Bear joined the shooting. No doubt : this one is talented ;)

This Baby Rhino Learns how To Wallow

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Baby Anna, Southern White Rhinoceros learns to wallow in the mud at Lion Country Safari.

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baby rhino wallowing

baby rhino video

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