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This dog can catch 3 balls at the same time

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Can your dog do the same ?

Purple and Gold a love story between dogs

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The fantastic story of two dogs in love with each other

Evil Dog

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This dog is a schizo !

Funny Puppy

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This is a cute dog called Shyanne, It was taken about two weeks before she had to be put down. She's not a minature Sheltie, she's a Sheltie but she was the runt of the litter.

A dog playing with a bird

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Did you ever see a dog playing with a bird ? Well ... now you did !

Things You CAN’T Do When You’re NOT a Dog

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You're not a dog ? Well ... then you probably shouldn't do that ;)

Belka a 20 day old puppy learns how to howl

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Belka is a 20 day old Huskamute who is learning how to howl with a young boy :)

This dog imitates a siren

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Listen to this japanese dog : he is able to perfectly imitate a siren !

A clever dog set up a very complex strategy to get a nugget

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This is what lucy, a young Beagle does when her masters are not home : what a clever dog !

The most clever dog ever

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Look at this Jack Russel Terrier : it can make the most usefull tricks ever !

This cat saved the life of a young boy against a dog

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This cat defended his young master from the attack of a vicious dog !

It’s puppy Time !

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Here a cute baby dogs playing and filmed with a GoPro Aren't they soooo cute ?

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