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Cats Can Be Jerks

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Cats being total jerks for no apparent reason

Scottish Fold munchkin

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A 6 week old Scottish Fold kitten : so cute :)

Fluffy Kitten does not know what to do

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Fluffy Kitten is very very confused lol

Smack my bitch up Cat style

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A cat parody of the shocking music clip Smack my Bitch Up from Prodigy

Dog & Cat Compilation (funny videos)

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The best dog & cat videos in one compilation

Best Cat Video Awards

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Choose among 10 cats which one is the funniest !

Cats can be Jerks 2

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These cats are real jerks !

Tard the Grumpy Cat

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Grumpy the cat is so grumpy !

Pitbull VS. Kitten (Lukah & Dexter)

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Twin animals from different species.

Cat VS Dog (really funny)

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What happens when a cat and dog wants to eat at the same time ? Now you know ;)

The Most Clever Cat In The World

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We just found the most clever cat in the world : he can find a ball under a cap better than you and me. Just amazing !!!

Cats can be jerks 3

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Cats are so perverts sometimes !

cats can bejerks2015

cats can bejerks2015