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Cat vs Mailman : who is gonna win ?

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Obviously there is some mail the cat doesn't want to be delivered. Probably bad grades at "Cat school" that it wants to keep hidden ;)

Cats are so selfish

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Now you know why I don't like cats !

Cute cats feeling guilty

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These cats made some troubles, and they clearly know it, that's why they look soooo guilty ;)

7 Things You May Not Realize About Your Cat

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You know everything about your kitty ? Are you sure ? Are you really really sure ? Think again !

Cats Acting Like Humans

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Cats are domesticated animals but they have been observing us for a very very very long time end here is the scary proof : they can behave like us !

A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

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Dear fellow cat, you have one or several humans at home and you don't know how to take care of them ? Don't worry ! Today we give you a few tips to raise them safely

How to deactivate a cat

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Your cat has too much energy ? Never wondered how to make it quiet for a few moments ? Now we give you the ultimate trick !

Cat vs Spider : Fight !

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Which one is stronger ? A spider or a cat ? Non of them : The best is ... Spider-man !

A clean cat who knows how to us the toilets

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This cat is so clean that he knows how to use the toilets :)

Don’t tease a cat or it will attack you

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A russian kid teases cat and ... the cat attacks back the child !

Cats hissing at evil toy hand

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Casey and Sassy have a very different reaction over the evil toy hand !

A cat attacks … a cricket

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What happens when a cricket bother a cat ? Well not a good ending for the cricket obviously ...

Lolcats cricket
Lolcats cricket