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Kitty Gaga

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Casey and Sassy are two cats who stars in special music video spoofing ... Lady Gaga !

Cat hates Justin Bieber music

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This cat hates Justin Bieber music but he found a way to turn it off !

Cat hates Justin Bieber’s Song

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This cat hates so much Justin Bieber's song that it prefers to jump through the window instead of listening

Cat hates Justin Bieber

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This cat really hates Justin Bieber

Cats hate Justin Bieber

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Cats do HATE Justin Bieber !

Careful Kitty Helps His Master

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Snowflake the cat pulls back the hand of his master every time he tries to get it out. So careful !

When I Yawn my Cat Yawns too

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The cat looks as sleepy as the master. Look at the way he touchs his master's elbow before yawning : so cute !

Funny Puppy

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This is a cute dog called Shyanne, It was taken about two weeks before she had to be put down. She's not a minature Sheltie, she's a Sheltie but she was the runt of the litter.

My Evil Nom-Nom-Nom-Nom Cat

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Is this cat drinking some milk or calling the devil to come ?

Molly the Cat and the Evil Printer

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Molly the Cat reacts to the printer : obviously, this is an evil thing from which we must be defended !

My Evil Cat

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OMG ! This cat is the devil !

Evil cat Possessed by Satan

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Look at the evil eyes of this cat !

Cats that look evil
Cats that look evil