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Retarded Running Polar Bear

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The "retarded polar bear" is an endangered species !

Baby Polar Bear Learns to Walk

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This baby bear is sooooo cuuuuute

Bear say Hello

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This Bear is very friendly

Bunny attacks cat

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What happens when a bunny meets a cat ?

Baby Rabbit

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It is a drop of orange orchid Ho baby. In the circle for the first time, I'm playing born healthy. The last rush to the camera !

Dramatic Wagner Lemur

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This is so dramatic !

Baby rabbit lick their hands

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Baby rabbit is about one month old. I'm coming cutie licking and almost always held out his hand.

Animals Playing Dead Supercute

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Take a look this impressive animals playing dead. Which one you'd nominate for an animal Oscar ?

Funny animals

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funny looking animals !

This Bear is Amazing

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A crew was working on a photoshoot near Manning Park, BC, when a Bear joined the shooting. No doubt : this one is talented ;)

A squirrel interrupts twice Flushing Meadow

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The match between Benneteau and Rochus was interrupted twice ... by a squirrel !

LOL Rabbits II

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LOL Rabbits are back