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A japanese baby and a cat cudle each other

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This japanese baby and his cat a close friends. Seeing them cudle each other is the sweetest thing ever <3

This cats meets a baby for the first time

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Look at this cute little cat : he meets a baby for the first time and gives him a sweet hug. So cute !

The next World Champion in Taekwondo is here

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This little boy is passing an exam to get his White Belt in Taekwondo. Breaking a board is not that easy ;)

Babies know how to beatbox

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An uncle make a beatbox demo to his 1 year old niece and ... the baby shows him she knows how to beatbox too :)

Evian Baby Dance – Black Eyed Peas Pump It

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Evian Baby Dance on Pump It by Black Eyed Peas

Quadruplets babies laughing

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Quadruplet babies are laughing with their daddy :)

Ninja Baby

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Here is the Ninja Baby !

Basketball New Generation Is Here

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Titus is an kid who is definitely gifted with basketball : he is only 18 monthes and manages amazing shots, up to 7 in a row ! We just found Michael Jordan's Spiritual son.

Cute baby girl is afraid of her own shadow

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Scaring Maya

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A 15 week old baby girl who is easily ... scared !

This baby girl says I love you for the first time

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This cute baby girl in pink is just 2 months old. Sitting on the knees of her daddy she tries to speak words and finally manages to say her dad : I love you. Definitely the cutest first words ever !

Two baby twins dancing by the guitar of daddy

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These two lovely twins are 11 monthes dans when their dad starts to play the guitar they stop anything they were doing for dancing in rythm :) So cute !