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Dog & Cat Compilation (funny videos)

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The best dog & cat videos in one compilation

Pitbull VS. Kitten (Lukah & Dexter)

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Twin animals from different species.

Cat VS Dog (really funny)

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What happens when a cat and dog wants to eat at the same time ? Now you know ;)

Meysi the smallest dog in the world

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Discover the smallest dog in the world !

Polar bears and dogs playing

1.31K Views0 Comments

A strange relationship between dogs and bears...

Meet the cutest baby animals in the world

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Discover on a magical music some of the cutest baby animals in the world : kitten, hedgehogs, howls, rabbits and much more. Which one is your favorite ?

Evil Dog

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This dog is a schizo !

Baby vs Beagle part 2

1.17K Views0 Comments

First time Arnie (beagle) meets lil baby Trey :)

Baby and dog fighting

1.08K Views0 Comments

A terrific fight between a dog and a baby !

Denver Official Guilty

1.07K Views0 Comments

Someone helped themselves to the kitty Cat treats while I was out ! Let's see who is Guilty ... and cracks under the pressure !

The worst dog costume ever

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A face in the crowd of cute in the East Village: a boxer shows off his "Butthead" costume at the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

It’s puppy Time !

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Here a cute baby dogs playing and filmed with a GoPro Aren't they soooo cute ?

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