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Sometimes you really need a friend

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When a turtle is upside down, it can't get back on its feet by itself. But Turtles are friendly animals which never hesitate to help each other !

This cute chipmunk stretches in the morning

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When this chipmunk wakes up he stretches a very cute way !

He plays Football with Lions

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Kevin Richardson has build an incredible relationship with a family of Lions. Their bonds are so strong that the Lions hug him when he calls them, and they can even play Football all toghether. Just amazing !

This Hamster is running a wheel upside down

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Looks like he didn't really get the trick ;)

Meet the cutest baby animals in the world

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Discover on a magical music some of the cutest baby animals in the world : kitten, hedgehogs, howls, rabbits and much more. Which one is your favorite ?

A vet tries to vaccinate 2 Baby Pandas

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This veterinarian tries to vaccinate 2 baby Pandas, but the two kids only want to play and one is climbing on his head while the other one tries to grab his legs. So cute and so funny :)

A colony of meerkats

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Look at all these meerkats ? They are so cuuuuuute !

Have you ever heard a Meerkat laughing ?

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Well that's really a strange noise no ? Not so sure anymore if I want a meerkat ;)

A Cat and a Squirrel are Playing Together

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Cats can be very friendly : this one is playing with a Squirrel on a Rooftop. So cute !

A dog playing with a bird

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Did you ever see a dog playing with a bird ? Well ... now you did !

A Falcon attacks a biker

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A legendary biker, Gee Atherton, is hunted by a peregrine falcon in Antur Stiniog, North Wales.

Cat vs Spider : Fight !

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Which one is stronger ? A spider or a cat ? Non of them : The best is ... Spider-man !

Cat vs spider

Cat versus the spider

Dogs vs Spider!

Video/ cat vs spider

Cat vs spider

Cat versus the spider

Dogs vs Spider!

Video/ cat vs spider