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Funny Animals Doing Stupid Things 13

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These animals are so funny :)

Retarded Running Polar Bear

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The "retarded polar bear" is an endangered species !

Meet the cutest baby animals in the world

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Discover on a magical music some of the cutest baby animals in the world : kitten, hedgehogs, howls, rabbits and much more. Which one is your favorite ?

Rascal the Cat and the Toilet Rat

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We were horrified to find this rat had crawled up the sewer into our toilet. Fortunately Rascal was there to take care of it for us !

Polar bears and dogs playing

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A strange relationship between dogs and bears...

This Hamster is running a wheel upside down

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Looks like he didn't really get the trick ;)

No fear mouse cuddles up next to kitten

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Here's something you don't see very often : watch as a mouse curls up next to a sleeping kitty.

A Cat and a Squirrel are Playing Together

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Cats can be very friendly : this one is playing with a Squirrel on a Rooftop. So cute !

The Sneezing Baby Panda

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A Baby Panda Sneezing

Rabbit yawn

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Yawning and stretching is like going on the set. Yawning face is a little scary ...

He plays Football with Lions

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Kevin Richardson has build an incredible relationship with a family of Lions. Their bonds are so strong that the Lions hug him when he calls them, and they can even play Football all toghether. Just amazing !

Cat against snake

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No doubt some is the most that you can roughly see

cat against snake


snake and cat fight

video gatinho sonhando

cat against snake


snake and cat fight

video gatinho sonhando