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2 groundhogs kissing

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So sweet !

2 Hamsters 1 Wheel

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It is impossible not to laugh !

A Cat and a Squirrel are Playing Together

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Cats can be very friendly : this one is playing with a Squirrel on a Rooftop. So cute !

A cat attacks … a cricket

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What happens when a cricket bother a cat ? Well not a good ending for the cricket obviously ...

A colony of meerkats

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Look at all these meerkats ? They are so cuuuuuute !

A Dear bathing a Kitty

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A young deer bathing a kitty.

A doctor for bats

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Trish Wimberley looks after hundreds of orphaned baby bats and rears them until they can be released into the wild. It's a tireless, never ending job which keeps her awake all hours (she apparently went 3 nights wi...

A dog playing with a bird

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Did you ever see a dog playing with a bird ? Well ... now you did !

A Falcon attacks a biker

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A legendary biker, Gee Atherton, is hunted by a peregrine falcon in Antur Stiniog, North Wales.

A pig rescues a baby goat

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Pig saves goat who's foot was stuck underwater at petting zoo. Simply amazing.

A squirrel interrupts twice Flushing Meadow

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The match between Benneteau and Rochus was interrupted twice ... by a squirrel !

A tiger playing with a cat

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This tiger cub and this house cat live together and play together on a regular basis.

Cat and tiger together

Cat and tiger together videos

Cat and tiger together

Cat and tiger together videos