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Gangnam Style – PSY – Goldfish Style – Petodies

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Goldfish Style, a Gangnam Style Petody by The Pet Collective

Giant Russian Rat Attacks Cats

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A fearless Russian Rat Attacks a Cat

Goats yelling like humans

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Don't watch the video but just listen !!!

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

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A golden eagle tries to snatch a baby in Montreal ! What if he got away with it !?

Granma has scared the bear

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Have you ever heard a Meerkat laughing ?

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Well that's really a strange noise no ? Not so sure anymore if I want a meerkat ;)

He plays Football with Lions

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Kevin Richardson has build an incredible relationship with a family of Lions. Their bonds are so strong that the Lions hug him when he calls them, and they can even play Football all toghether. Just amazing !

Help : Elephant ate my iphone

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And it tasted like coconut. It's also elephant-proof ;)

Hunny, wut big ears u has

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Inception Animals

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Did you see the movie Inception ? This is a remake ... with animal ;)

Koala tickle

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Cutest baby koala ever at Featherdale in Sydney, Australia

Le Papa pingouin

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Pingloo le Papa pingouin

le le pope video komik

papa pingouin

pingloo video

le le pope video komik

papa pingouin

pingloo video