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A vet tries to vaccinate 2 Baby Pandas

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This veterinarian tries to vaccinate 2 baby Pandas, but the two kids only want to play and one is climbing on his head while the other one tries to grab his legs. So cute and so funny :)

A violent giraffe fight

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Amazing jumping rabbit

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This rabbit is amazing : it jumps 20 times its own size !

Angry Squirrel

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Very very Angry Squirrel

Animals Playing Dead Supercute

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Take a look this impressive animals playing dead. Which one you'd nominate for an animal Oscar ?

Baby And Goat Have An Interesting Conversation

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This baby girl is talking to a goat

Baby duck swimming in the sink

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This is Wilbur getting his daily swim.

Baby Panda

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Baby Giant Panda video

Baby Polar Bear Learns to Walk

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This baby bear is sooooo cuuuuute

Baby Rabbit

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It is a drop of orange orchid Ho baby. In the circle for the first time, I'm playing born healthy. The last rush to the camera !

Baby rabbit lick their hands

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Baby rabbit is about one month old. I'm coming cutie licking and almost always held out his hand.

Baby Squirrel

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Look a this cute baby squirrel

cute baby squirrels

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cute baby squirrels

cute squirrel videos